Boatwright Edit

(DwH) 1 slot - Intelligence - Modifier(-2)

This proficiency allows the character to pilot any small boat, such as a kayak or canoe, operating it at maximum speed. It also allows make minor repairs and improvements in these boats, such as waterproofing them and patching holes. A successful proficiency check enables the character to handle the craft in treacherous situations; for instance, maneuvering the boat though choppy water without capsizing it, or avoiding collisions when guiding it through a narrow channel choked with rocks or ice. Note that while the navigation and seamanship proficiencies deal with ships in oceans, seas, and other large bodies of water, the boating proficiency is confined to small craft on rivers, lakes, on oceans close to shore, and over similar terrain, usually on relatively calm waters.

(editors  note:  This  replaces  the  description  of  this  proficiency  in  The  Complete  Thief's Handbook,  since the Rangers Handbook  outdates  the Thieves  Handbook  according  to the official rules.) (Please read the following from the Players Option Skills & Powers handbook, too.)

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