Spells Edit

Allergy Field (PHBR11)

Analyze Balance (ToM)

Analyze Opponent (P&P)

Animal Friendship (PHB)

Anti-Vermin Barrier (ToM)

Assess Value (P&P)

Banish Flame (F&A)

Beckon (P&P)

Bless (PHB)

Call Upon Faith (ToM)

Claws of Velsharoon (P&P)

Cloak of Dark Power (Menzo)

Combine (PHB)

Command (PHB)

Courage (ToM)

Create Water (PHB)

Cure Light Wounds (PHB)

Dark Path (F&A)

Detect Evil (PHB)

Detect Living (P&P)

Detect Magic (PHB)

Detect Metals and Minerals (P&P)

Detect Poison (PHB)

Detect Snares & Pits (PHB)

Divine Bloodline (P&P)

Ebony Hand (CBoN)

Emotion Read (ToM)

Endure Cold / Endure Heat (PHB)

Entangle (PHB)

Excessive Indulgence (P&P)

Faerie Fire (PHB)

Foresight (P&P)

Fortitude of Uthgar (P&P)

Frost Fingers (F&A)

Ice Walk (P&P)

Invisibility to Animals (PHB)

Invisibility to Undead (PHB)

Know Age (ToM)

Know Direction (ToM)

Know Faction (PH)

Know Time (ToM)

Light (PHB)

Locate Animals or Plants (PHB)

Log of Everburning (ToM)

Magical Stone (PHB)

Magical Tether (P&P)

Merciful Shadows (DS)

Mistaken Missives (ToM)

Morale (ToM)

Pass Without Trace (PHB)

Personal Reading (ToM)

Precipitation (F&A)

Protection from Evil (PHB)

Protection from Prime (PH)

Protection From Silver (HBW, PH)

Purify Food & Drink (PHB)

Putrefy Food & Drink (PHB)

Recovery Trail (PHBR11)

Remove Fear (PHB)

Revitalize Animal (PHBR11)

Ring of Hands (ToM)

Rosemantle (RoMD, F&A)

Sacred Guardian (ToM)


Sea Legs( P&P)

Sentry of Helm (F&A)

Shillelagh (PHB)

Skeletal Servant (CBoN)

Snake Charm (P&P)

Speak with Astral Traveler (ToM)

Speak with Birds (P&P)

Spectral Senses (CBoN)

Spider Climb (FOR2)

Spidereyes (FOR2)

Spirit Mask (P&P)

Stumble (P&P)

Test of Maat (P&P)

Treasure Scent (P&P)

Truemetal (F&A)

Undead Alacrity (CBoN, Menzo)

Wailing Wind (F&A)

Water Sprint (P&P)

Weathertell (P&P)

Weighty Chest (ToM)

Key Edit

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